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This is the actual manual that comes with the Personal One Force instrument.

Interest 1: Introduction
Interest 2: Operation
Interest 3: Activating the Third Eye Spiritual Center
Interest 4: Activating the Heart
Interest 5: Harmonizing The Centers into a Cooperative Union
Interest 6: Questions and Answers
Interest 7: Warranty

Use and Maintenance of the Personal One Force

Please read carefully before using the Personal One Force


Greetings, and congratulations on your purchase of the One Force. You are about to embark on a profound journey into the limitless realms of your own spirit. There are no limits to the improvements you can experience. The One Force is designed to enhance your spiritual growth by promoting ascension while assisting in the dissolution of unwanted patterns. The One Force is not light therapy, but rather transmutes light to create an invisible spiritually attuning force. The One Force allows your spirit to have a strong will - a very much stronger will. This affords your spirit the opportunity to reattune imbalances so they can harmonize with spirit. Everyone's experience with the One Force is unique because your own spirit is creating the changes that you need. Over time you'll custom design a personalized approach to using the One Force. Your insights will evolve making it increasingly apparent as to how and where to utilize this amazing tool. All the while your spirit will be guiding and supporting you, much the same as it has in bringing the One Force into fruition. The One Force is brought to you because God told a engineer to put this tool on the market. God provided vital design information and guidance so the One force is truly brought to you by God.





The switch is located as shown on the drawing. It is the round black rubber membrane which when pressed turns the One Force on and off. The switch makes a click sound. The One Force is on when the on-off indicator on the top is illuminated. In bright light you may need to cup your fingers around the on-off indicator in order to see if the white light is on or off. When the batteries are low the light gets faint, and when it no longer appears the batteries need to be replaced.

Battery Replacement
The handle of the One Force contains the battery compartment, which holds two "AA" batteries. The One Force comes with batteries already installed. The handle is unscrewed from the upper body to allow access to the battery compartment. Grasp the upper body and with your other hand unscrew the handle by turning it counter clockwise as shown by arrows. During replacement make sure the positive end of both batteries point upward as shown. Rechargeable batteries last about 2  hours. Heavy duty batteries will last about 4 hours. Alkaline batteries last about 8 hours.



Light Bulb Replacement

To replace the light bulb, grasp the circular sleeve, which houses the on-off indicator. With the other hand grasp the upper body. Unscrew the sleeve by rotating it counter clockwise as shown by the arrow in the diagram. As the bulb is very small, it is helpful to use a rubber band to hold on to it. Pull the bulb straight out. The socket will usually come out with the bulb. When you remove the bulb from the socket you will notice two small holes which accommodate the two fine wires which extend from the end of the bulb. Line up the new bulb and push it into the socket. Next line up the two metal contacts of the socket with the two metal contacts inside the upper body and push gently into place. Bulbs generally last a long time, but if you find yours has expired, call 1-800-237-7000 and order a TI-2 bulb, or contact us for a replacement.  CAUTION: Using another bulb will overheat and damage the plastic socket.

How To Use The Personal One Force

Activating The Third Eye Spiritual Center

This is an important site and should be activated first as it is your spiritual center and all other centers resonate to it.

To activate the third eye, position the One Force as shown in the drawing. Place the end of the light tube on the skin between and slightly above the eyebrows. The end of the tube should rest flat against the skin to prevent any outside light from entering in. Turn the One Force on and hold it at this location for at least three minutes. When the center becomes activated you will feel a sense of completion.

The first time you activate this center it may result in energy and perception changes which could last for days. It is important to remember that the body knows where its' own equilibrium is, and by allowing time for adjustment we honor natures intended path. A suggested use of once or twice daily will assist in maintaining activation.

If you meditate a good time to activate the third eye is just prior to meditation. The One Force does not replace meditation, but on days when you are unable to meditate, use of the One Force before going to sleep will retain many of the benefits of meditation. It will also stabilize sleep patterns and enhance dream recall.

During the activation of the third eye you may notice another area of the body becoming energetically stimulated. This is spirit creating an attunement, signaling where to move the One Force next. Feelings such as pulsations, waves, tightness, heat or coolness are the energetic messages the body receives to locate the position which needs balancing. As these places across the body become harmonious and attuned to spirit, a feeling of calm well-being often occurs. Naturally your actions should reflect this process with positive attitudes, emotions and thoughts. As we all know this can take time, so follow the signs and consciously work with them. You'll be amazed what a little bit each day can ultimately result in.

Activating The Heart

Following the activation of the third eye, the next most important placement for many people is the heart. To activate, place the end of the light tube over the heart which is about two inches to the left of the breastbone in the middle of the chest. The procedure is the same as given for activating the third eye. When you activate following the third eye, you produce a cooperative union between these two centers which promotes a love bond with spirit.

Harmonizing The Centers Into A Cooperative Union

This procedure must be done slowly and takes about ten minutes.. If your experiences are very mild for the other procedures, then you may need to especially practice this procedure to activate all the centers. To begin, activate the third eye as described previously. Keeping the end of the light tube flat against the skin or clothes, slowly begin moving it downward along the axis of the body until you reach the lowest point as shown on the drawing.
Now retrace this path, slowly returning again to the third eye. From the third eye continue up the forehead until you reach the top of the head. The tube should now be pointing straight down. In this position the One Force will activate the crown center which may result in an opening of the spiritual forces into the body. The inrushing spiritual force will form a cooperative union with the other centers below. Following this experience people generally feel spiritually renewed, purified, or attuned.

Questions And Answers

What other areas have people found helpful to activate?

Some commonly activated areas are the solar plexus, thymus area on breastbone, thyroid
area, the back of the neck and problem areas along spine. To use on spine, have someone hold the One Force; or lay on your side on a bed and place the One Force on a pillow against the spine. Feel free to experiment, the One Force can be used anywhere..  Experimenting also can locate areas that when activated can cause amazing improvements.

Why are some areas of the body strongly affected, and other areas only mildly?

In general, the more the area is out of attunement with spirit, the more stimulated it becomes. If the One Force is used infrequently, then the effects will be stronger because the areas are more out of attunement with spirit.

It seems like I'm the only person that doesn't feel anything with the One Force. Why is that, and am I receiving any benefit from it?

There is a small percentage of people, perhaps 10%, who don't feel anything initially when they try the One Force. None the less, they are receiving benefits. We suggest yo
u try activating the thyroid center daily to enhance sensitivity to spirit, and perform the "Harmonizing The Centers" procedureHowever, it is not necessary to feel anything to receive benefits.

Is there any benefit to using the One Force on one area for a long time?

Generally speaking, the longer you use the One Force on one area the stronger the effect. Some areas need long exposures, and others are activated in relatively short periods of time. The best guide is your' own sense of completion. Some people prefer strong changes and others prefer gentle changes. With experience you will be able to decide what is right for you.

Full One Year Warranty On The One Force

The One Force has been designed with integrity to insure trouble free operation.  Our warranty includes a 30-day no-risk 100% money-back guarantee for any reason. In addition, the One Force is warranted for one year from the date of purchase for any mechanical defects. The warranty does not include batteries or light bulbs as these are replaceable. Additional bulbs can be purchased for $5.00. For replacement bulbs or other service needs, please contact:

One Force Corporation  P.O. Box 4677   Virginia Beach, VA. 23454

The One Force has high tech and precision aligned components, which are rigidly bonded into place and can not be viewed without destroying the unit. Therefore, any attempted disassembly, except for the replacement of bulbs or batteries, will void all warranties, including the money-back guarantee.

The name "One Force" is a trademark, and Foreign and US patents pending. The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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A FREE One Force may be provided to respected medical research centers whose published results would be accepted by physicians, psychiatrics or other medical professionals.  Medical research is sought because people have reported assistance with these problems: eye problems, pain relief (pain in joints, pain along spine, pain after surgery, chronic pain), tumors and cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, lung problems, digestive problems, difficult or rare skin rash problems, sinus problems, mental health problems (anxiety, depression, anger, sleeplessness, headaches, etc), chronic fatigue syndrome.

The name "One Force" is a trademark, and Foreign and US patents pending. The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.   The One Force operates exclusively on a spiritual level.  Research is in progress.  Website design by Robert Sanders.  Copyright 1999 One Force Corporation