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Edgar Cayce and the One Force Inventions

Edgar Cayce gave many readings on attunement tools for spiritual healing used in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt.  According to Edgar Cayce, the inventions were unique because they created an invisible spiritual force.  Edgar Cayce said the inventions operated on light, but the invisible force they created was not light.  The One Force inventions are using this unique technology that creates an invisible spiritual force.  God provided vital design information to an engineer to produce the One Force inventions, and told him to place the inventions on the market.

At ARE Congress Week, we lectured on and allowed many ARE members to try it.  Everyone is very skeptical until they try it themselves.  Many ARE members bought it.  We offer a 30 day no risk 100% money-back guarantee, yet 94% of the people keep it.  That is excellent for any product.

Debbie McConnell Whitley, a well-known Canadian ARE member at ARE Congress Week, gave us the testimonial below:  ( She as well as other well-known Edgar Cayce Foundation members own a One Force invention.)
"I experienced a feeling of deep relaxation and serenity that I have only felt during meditation. I was also aware of energy movement in the form of a tingling feeling from my knees to my crown chalkra. It was definitely a wonderful and centering experience!"
-Debbie McConnell Whitley, Ontario, Canada

For over 30 years, the Heritage Store in Virginia Beach has manufactured quality Edgar Cayce products.  Their business has grown to over 60 employees.  They also have a huge mail order business worldwide in Edgar Cayce products.  Mr. Tom Johnson, the owner of the Heritage Store, was skeptical about the One Force and did not want to sell it until it was evaluated.  In all, at least 15 Heritage employees and psychics tried the One Force to give Mr. Johnson a report.  The report convinced Mr. Johnson, and he even bought one for himself.  The Heritage Store now sells the One Force invention through their Holistic Center.  Also their massage therapists can incorporate a One Force treatment along with a massage.  You can also try it for FREE, and then use it for $10 a session.  The Professional model is also available for a FREE trial in the Heritage Store.  Try it when visiting the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach.  The Heritage Store advertisement is shown below: 

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