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Questions and Answers On the Professional One Force

1. Why is the Professional One Force so expensive?

The profits from the Professional model enables One Force Corporation to follow plans needed to establish the One Force Technology.  Expensive medical research is needed to prove the many benefits.  Large scale acceptance by conventional medical professionals will not occur without reputable medical evidence.  Without acceptance, many people that could be helped will not be.  We want the One Force to be a mainstream product, not only for the health benefits but for spiritually-improving society.  In the future, we also want to have staff that can support people trying to change to a more spiritual lifestyle.

Another goal is to take over all the manufacturing of the One Force.  We now have seven different companies manufacturing components.  Some of these components are very high technology that requires rare expensive high technology equipment and specialized engineers to operate.  The Professional model is mainly for professionals, and many professionals would not like to see the price lowered for many reasons.  In the future, the price of the Professional model price will go higher.

There are many hidden costs that some people don't realize.  For example, promoting a product is very expensive.  Effective advertising is very expensive.  Good trade shows often charge up to $1800, plus there are high travel expenses.  Patent attorney costs for worldwide patent and trademark protection will eventually cost about $20,000.  We also give instruments away for various reasons.  Before we started selling the Professional model, we lost over $10,000.  Unless someone wants to give us a large donation, we must make a profit to fulfill these plans.    

 2. What occurs when the Professional One Force is used?

The body draws in the Universal One Force through the fingers and palms, like it is spiritual food.  It draws from a spot on the hand then moves to another spot in a rapidly - changing manner.  These hand spots connect energetically to other internal areas of the body.

   As the body becomes more balanced, there is a natural increase of energy flow along the spine.  Once overall balance is achieved the process shifts toward the most serious problems and continues to work on the problems for the remaining time.  Generally, people feel the most happening in the last few minutes of use, or afterwards as the effects manifest from the spiritual level. The effects may manifest or last for several days.

3. How can I decide the amount of use time?

The Professional unit should be used for at least 15 minutes.  Sensitive people usually feel a sense of completion, which is usually a good indicator.  No one can "overdose"; it's just a matter of providing sufficient time of use to achieve maximum benefits.  Not everyone's experiences are mystical, but those who use it regularly will feel something quite profound is happening to them.

4. How long will the Professional One Force last?

The Professional One Force has been designed with integrity to insure trouble free operation. The Professional unit is warranted for 2 years from the date of purchase for any manufacturing defects. Everything in the professional unit that can fail is repairable. Easy do-it-yourself replacement is possible for the two most common problems - the light bulb is replaceable for $5 and the rechargeable batteries are replaceable from Radio Shack for about $15.

Much electronic equipment built today is designed to be thrown away instead of being repaired, but the Professional unit is not built this way. The electronic components are common long-life parts that have been in use for many years and are replaceable.

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A video of people interviewed after using the Professional One Force at Old Dominion University's Symposium is available for $17 postpaid.

An audio tape is available of a very interesting speech given at Universal Light Expo 2000 in Columbus, Ohio on One Force experiences, uses of the One Force, and how it works.  Order from L&W Sound in Detroit at 1-877-827-3799 ask for Tape SA69 for $8.00.

 Only the Professional model is available at this time at $6797.

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A FREE One Force may be provided to respected medical research centers whose published results would be accepted by physicians, psychiatrics or other medical professionals.  Medical research is sought because people have reported assistance with these problems: eye problems, pain relief (pain in joints, pain along spine, pain after surgery, chronic pain), tumors and cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, lung problems, digestive problems, difficult or rare skin rash problems, sinus problems, mental health problems (anxiety, depression, anger, sleeplessness, headaches, etc), chronic fatigue syndrome.

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