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The One Force brings Spiritual Power into your life for health, guidance and transformation.  These testimonials illustrate what happens during the One Force transformation process.  Common results are inner peace, love, relaxation and wellness on all levels of being.

Everyone's experience is different, because everyone has different obstacles to wellness.  The One Force invention produces an invisible Spiritual Power that strengthens your own spirit.  Your own spirit knows what to change and how, so overcomes the hidden obstacles to wellness.

· After beginning with the third eye, I began experiencing a tingling sensation as the energies moved through my body. Using the device on several areas including my shoulders and torso, I experienced a feeling of deep peace and contentment and my consciousness began to move through my crown chalkra . It was a wonderful experience.
-L.P., Columbus, OH

· In meditation following use, turbulent energy rushes through my upper body. First I'd feel a pulling through", which "pushed" me forward. Several minutes later an upward burst of white light would lift through my head. This happened several times. In regular meditation I have a similar experience, but these waves don't include light. Feel calm, centered, lacking a sense of time and space.
-Sue Skarshinski, Norfolk, VA

· I have never experienced anything like this before.  It was like I'd taken a trip to the massage parlor, so peaceful and relaxing.  I had a lot of stiffness in my neck and right arm from previous surgery and stress from my job.  It seemed to focus right in on these areas and give me relief.  I'd recommend anyone to try this method of therapy.  It really works.
-Lisa A. Love, London, OH

· The One Force is a true aide to spiritual awareness. It brings awareness to areas that need healing and assists by allowing the user to heal himself. Misconceptions about the self are suspended to allow new possibilities to be realized.
-D.K., Marion, OH

· After no discernible sensation at the 3rd eye, I felt a tremendous rush of energies from the heart up through my crown when the device was placed at the center of my chest. I was still aware of its effect the next day - I found it to be very centering for me.
-K.N.B., Norfolk, VA

· Experiencing the ONE FORCE was relaxing and yet energizing. I felt my brow chalkra "Third eye" become very active. Reaching further into my body I was able to feel an area around the front of my heart. So next I placed the ONE FORCE on my heart area and immediately I found a flow of energy flowing outward in all directions within myself. I felt very warm. Once the experience was over I kept feeling the warmth along with a wonderful relaxed sense of well being. Thank you for the experience.
-P.K.,, Norfolk, VA .

For many months I have struggled with the pain of arthritis throughout my body -- resulting in a sense of depression.  The Professional One Force treatment cleared my mind and returned the feeling of joy I was accustomed to.  A heavy burden was lifted.
-Mary Allen Hutchison, Indianapolis IN

· I felt a tremendous clearing of negative emotions, particular fear. Spirit teaches me by the act of contracting various chakras, and relates my thoughts to what I need to learn. This helped me get the information from Spirit on a deeper cellular level. Increased surrender to Spirit, increased love for others, decreased levels of anxiety, increased love of self / Self.
-P.N., Va. Beach, VA

I used the handheld personal device and felt a vibration along my chalkras and a inner peace.  When I used the Professional One Force, I felt a warm vibration envelope my arms up to my shoulders.  At one point I had a pain in my right hip to that felt better soon after.  I felt warm hands caressing my forehead and top of my head.  I had a small pain in my head which I asked to go away and it did.  I felt the presence of a love and peace surrounding me.  Also I felt my vibration raise as I experienced a beautiful white/yellow light.  My hands aren't hurting and I feel a wonderful sense of peace.  I heard singing different than the music here.  It was a beautiful healing experience.
-Gloria Walters, Columbus, OH

·Using the Professional One Force, after a short night of sleep, 15 minutes here has made me feel rested and clear-minded.  The "buzz" went from my hands to my neck and cleared the pain.  The two teeth needing attention also felt the sensation and a relief from discomfort.
-L. Sinclair, Hampton, VA

When I was a child I had the ability to do out-of-body travel, but lost the ability as an adult.  Using the One Force for 3 days has restored my ability to do out-of-body travel.
-R.D. Holder, Virginia Beach, VA

· It stimulated each chakra on physical, emotional, and mental levels. It helped to let go of heaviness on my heart. Thoughts and memories of Atlantis. Calmer, more energy, back straighter.
-A. E., Springfield, IL

· Quiet, peaceful experience. Vision clearer, clean feeling, not scattered.
-L. L., Va. Beach, VA

· I felt a definite opening and expansion of both my heart and throat chakras. It feels as though I am breathing through my hearth chakra now!   I had many questions on my mind this morning, and while using the One Force - without asking my questions - I received answers, I feel quite grounded and secure right now. This has definitely been a wonderful experience.
-Lesa Azimi, Va. Beach, VA

· I could feel a force that is beyond words for me to describe.  Within seconds or instantly, I could feel energy in my hands.  I felt very quickly that force current was flowing through the body.
- Durwood S. Perry, Norfolk, VA

· The One Force instrument is a touch of Grace for anyone serious about spiritual growth.
-N. C., MA

· Using the One Force over time has increased my ability to meditate, such that now I can feel parts of my body filling with light during meditation.  The overall effect has been a noticeable increase in inner peace. Quiet, peaceful experience.
- D. G., Cottonwood, AZ

· Using the Professional One Force for about 5 minutes, I increased the Egely Wheel Vitality Meter reading from 9 to 20!
-Jim Claus, Virginia Beach, VA

· My husband has had a troublesome neck, back of head and has had relief now using this unit on that area.  I have had many little things I've noted that have been helped.  For instance heavy sinus clogging in the mornings appears now to be much improved.  Also I had suffered from a very painful area (arthritic) in-between my left thumb & second finger, right about the hinge.  By using the unit at that place the pain has left.  Am now working on the right hand which is more aggravated since I am right handed and therefore use it so much more.
-M.A. Todd, Rossville, GA

I am chemically sensitive and environmental toxins have been a major problem for me.  One ten minute session had me feeling ten years younger, and eyesight dramatically improved.  "Clicking on all 7 chalkras!"
-M. J. H., Virginia Beach, VA

· I get an expansive sense of peace and well-being from using this device.  It helped me calm my nerves.
-A. B., Virginia Beach, VA

 · I have TMJ, which has become a serious problem.  I have to wear a retainer because of it.  Because of the Professional One Force, my jaw is completely relaxed.  That hasn't happened in a long time.  I feel new, refreshed.  I feel like I've woken up from a long sleep.   Total positive mental attitude!
-John  C. Chambers, Virginia Beach, VA

The One Force is doing many wonderful things for me. Spiritually I feel more connected with all that is.  Moreover, whereas I usually use the phrase "all that is" in lieu of the word God.  I am aware that the meaning has now become larger for me to include the earth, plant and animal life, ether, the universe, God and me.  I truly feel a part of the oneness and I feel great comfort in that knowing.  I guess I'm experiencing an aligning or unifying of all that I am with everything else that is.  Beliefs which I have espoused for many years are now somehow coming alive in a much deeper sense.  I am truly happy in a very serene way.

Physically I am clearing out, cleansing and opening up. It isn't always comfortable, however it has all been positive as well as insightful and empowering.  I love being more involved with my own bodywork.

In closing I would like to thank you for your role in bringing this into my life.  The depth of my gratitude is so engulfing that I don't know if conveyance is truly possible.  I can only hope that you understand, and in all honesty, I feel that you do.
-Annie Holmes, Carrollton, MS

 · Professional One Force is a FORCE to be reckoned with.  I am an ordained minister and as a result of my using Professional One Force my spiritual energy has been realigned.  I feel renewed, refreshed and ready to do God's work.  As a result of Professional One Force, my third eye has been opened and my psychic abilities heightened.  Blessings Professional One Force.
- Reverend Dr. Denise L. King, Washington D.C.

· Using the Professional One Force, I immediately felt a "buzz" in my warming hands that crept further along my arms into my shoulders where an even larger "buzz" (much like an electric shock) affected my shoulders.  Both shoulders also seemed to "light up" as photo-images in my mind.  Both had been dislocated over 30 years ago.
 The "buzz" feeling continued into my spine and brain- then seemed to "visit" other areas of my body to include "lighting up" my lower spinal area.  I don't know why.  But I felt a "buzz" and warming in my right ear as well as my left cheek (facial) where I have ongoing infections of some sort.
- C. J. Domm at NATH, National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists  

· The Professional One Force machine felt like lines of balance and centeredness were traveling down my body.  I felt very relaxed and "together".
-A.W., Clifton, VA

· Using the Professional One Force, I felt clearer in the mind and more energy throughout the body.  I'm a auditory person when I meditate and saw forms of light.
-Tammy Blake, Mcminnville, TN

· I immediately used this force to try Reiki on my sister.  I put my hands on her lower back, and I felt the beautiful warmth being released.  I will continue to use this with the Reiki.
-Linda Smith, Pittsburgh, PA

· I used the Professional One Force device for 15 minutes and noticed a relaxation after a few minutes.  Sensations, very definite, in my face and leg told me that things were happening.  Later I noticed a "quickening ", such that my body was being speeded up.  Overall, quite a ride!
-S.N., Columbus, OH

· Hello, I did this.  I do Reiki and this helped the spots that hurt from arthritis. It works.
-Kim Weiler, Cardington, OH

· Using the Professional One Force, my experience was a soft light in the center of my forehead and toward the back of my head.  I saw a soft light almost golden yellow.  I could breathe better and my right ear and left side, which I have had problems with, seemed less intense.
-J. H., Sabena, OH

· I suffer from a pinched nerve in my upper back.  The day I tested this unit I had a constant pain and jumping sensation or tick running up and down my left arm.  Midway through the 15 minutes session the tick became less often, by the time the 15-minute session was up, the tick had ceased entirely.
-Linda Mobley, Verbana, OH

· As I touched the device I've felt energy in my hands then feeling expansion. The energy started moving through my hands and up through my arms.
-Uumn Shahan, Dayton, OH

· I could feel the energy flowing up through my hands and through my minds eye.  I could see beautiful clouds of swirling energy; I also saw the color green shortly after I first started.  I could feel it working on my midsection of my body.
-Christine Penrod, Bellbrook, OH

· Hello, I like this device!  I've felt work happening in several of my chakras.  Very interesting.  Cool and warm flows of the energy moving through my body.  I feel a calming peace in my mood.  Also a clarity of thought.  Wonderful!
-Sincerely, Anthony Compton, Franklin, OH

· I've felt I was definitely induced into a deep state of relaxation.  I felt warm energy up from my hands and through my arms to my neck and down my spine. It was definitely a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

· I have been using the Professional One Force since the machine arrived April 19, 2000 (Seven months ago), averaging one time per day. Sometimes I use it morning and evening, once a day or not at all. The very first time I used One Force a spirit doctor appeared and began checking my body for the areas that needed healing. I felt a surge of energy in the thyroid area, back of the neck, liver /gallbladder area, the lower spine and the heart. This has not occurred since the initial experience. Sometimes I use the time with One Force to say my "prayers". I do not call this a meditation time as I try to connect and communicate with my spirit guides and those forces which guide my life on a very constant basis. But most of the time seems spent on physical healing. Other times I am too exhausted to do anything but be grateful that One Force is available to me for relaxation.

One night I went to bed after much stress, and activity for many days and only four hours sleep the night before. My brains ached. I was so tired and they felt all scrambled, like a big pan of scrambled eggs. I do not get headaches and did not have one at this time. I was having to handle too much information for too long a period of time without rest. I know that doctors will say you cannot feel your brains, but I DID. I could not think straight I was so tired. Within two minutes, of using One Force, my brains no longer hurt and they felt smooth and at ease.

When I go to bed at night and use One Force before sleeping, I usually have a very peaceful sleep. I am 62 and moved to the mountains to rest and relax from a fast-paced 50 years of city life. I have been in the mountains 10 years and nothing I have ever done has relaxed my body and mind like using One Force has.

I have a low thyroid problem, caused, I think, by neck injuries sustained in a critical car - truck accident which altered circulation to the neck area. I was born under the signing of Mars in Aries in the 5th house. This year Mars has returned to Aries in my transiting chart. Those who know about Mars in Aries know that this is a very aggressive placement, making the recipient of such energy full of courage, action, feistiness, anger under certain circumstances, and aggression. Every weekday goes by I am amazed at my cool headedness. I walk among the most outrageous circumstances which may or may not directly affect my safety or well-being or that of someone I know and care about, and bingo l am calm, humble, gently articulate, helpful, serene and with plenty of energy to handle the situation. Thanks to using One Force.
Daileen, Fort Davis TX

· My experience with the Professional One Force was a simultaneous sequence treatment of my whole life force field.  As an instrument of God - it's energy flows to exactly where is needed for clearing and further opening.  I personally experienced opening of the heart, thymus and right hip, which opened up with 2:22 remaining on the clock.  This number gave me further confirmation of this instrument's purity.
-Nancy M., Cincinnati, OH

· Focusing on my breathing, I was quickly swept into a peaceful state of release where time stood still and all thought and emotion vanished.  When the monks began chanting I began crying.  Upon awakening at the end of 15 minutes I felt renewed, relaxed and rejuvenated.  Amid the tears of cleansing were smiles and the sense of peace and joy.  I am grateful.
-Wendy Geary, Fostoria, OH

· "Professional model": I experienced being able to "contact" the meditative state in a matter of seconds instead of the usual 10 minutes or so.  Then I felt asleep -- or nearly so, as I caught myself before my head when down.
-Yvonne Hughson, Columbus, Ohio

· I felt the tension on my right side relax and start to flow.  After eight minutes my fourth fingertips pulsed then my third fingertips pulsed.  Next I felt the general balancing of my body.  It felt great.
-Mark Dutenhaver, Cedarville, OH

· At first I did not think this to be but a joke -- but the moment I put my hands in the palm placement, I felt it instantaneously in the hurting places of my body -- first my hands and wrist where I had an injury -- next my shoulders, all across my back where I had another injury to my back and shoulders.  I could Feel it and still feel it going through my body.
-C. W., Columbus, OH

· For the past few months, I was able to open most of the energy channels in my body -- except the front.  When I tried the Professional One Force, the front activated even after I've stopped using it.
-H. H., Columbus, OH

· I experienced many sensations in the 1st 7 minutes.  I felt pulsations and tingling in my hands.  The fillings in my teeth ached. (Someone had previously told her they needed to be removed)  I developed a headache and then it disappeared.  My hands got very warm and then cool like Jello.  The bottom of my feet tingled and all aches and stiffness disappeared.  I would love to have one!
-Jean LeCompte, Friendswood, TX

· My fingers tingled and throbbed.  I also was the most tranquil and calm I have been in months.  The endorphin release was like an acupuncture treatment!  I have to have one!
-Dr. Brian LeCompte, MD, Friendswood, TX

· While using the Professional One Force, I first consciously opened my crown chalkra and then directed the One Force energy to my sore feet and then all of my organs.  I felt my heart expand and my aura grow larger.  I worked on my eyes and everything looks brighter.  I also was able to heal an old karmic connection with my stepfather, who had abused me as a child.  I felt my stomach grow smaller from physical healing and emotional release.  The release of this emotional trauma made me feel lighter inside and out, and even changed my posture in positive ways.  I then worked on my cellular memory of past physical traumas and released all the negativity connected with past accidents.  This is an amazing device!
- Keiko Taniguchi, Holistic Health Practitioner and Psychic, Newport Beach, CA

Some of The One Force Benefits.

1) Release self-limiting thoughts and blocks, faulty perceptions, stress, and repressed emotional memory and trauma; so you can experience greater bliss and happiness.

2) Experience accelerated spiritual evolution, spiritual healing and personal growth, so you can achieve spiritual fulfillment, ascension and illumination.

3) Experience spiritual breakthroughs as you awaken your total potential.

4) Become centered, and more fully alive.

5) Experience greater mindfulness, and bring greater clarity to everything you do.

6) Reconnect to the source of all healing.

7) Restore energy and balance for greater personal potential.

8) Journey to deeper states of consciousness in your meditations.

9) Increase inner peace, joy, love, confidence and intuition, so you can move toward a life with a deeper connection to the Divine.

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