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Operation Manual


Congratulations on your purchase of the Professional One Force. The Professional model creates about 50 times as much of the invisible Universal One Force as the personal model. But its great power is not noticed as the Universal One Force is distributed throughout the whole body at once, and the whole body changes are remarkably well-organized so do not stand out. Unlike the Personal model, the Professional model can not miss affecting any problem area in the whole body, and works on many areas at the same time. It can also eliminate total body negative patterns. It works on everything that is out of harmony with God's Will. The instrument actually allows God's Will to work through you. It is a unique instrument as it acts on the subtle spiritual level, which makes changes manifest on all other levels. You can not "outgrow" its effects until you reach a Christ-like state of perfection. There are no limits to the improvements you can experience. The One Force enhances spiritual growth by promoting ascension while assisting in the dissolution of unwanted patterns. The One Force transmutes light to create an invisible spiritual force. This affords your spirit the opportunity to reattune imbalances so they can harmonize with spirit. The Professional One Force is brought to you because God told a engineer to put this instrument on the market. God provided vital design information and guidance so the Professional One Force is truly brought to you by God.


The Professional One Force is easy to use. The Professional model has only 3 switches and 3 corresponding blinking lights to show when the switch is on. The only things you need to know to operate it is to turn on the upper two switches when using, and to turn on the lower two switches to recharge the batteries. After use, turn off all switches so no blinking lights are on. The power cord is mainly used for recharging and should be unplugged during use.  The instrument should be kept away from damp humid conditions.

Now that you know basically how to operate the Professional model, we will give a more detailed description. A switch is turned on by pushing sideways toward its blinking light. When the upper switch labeled "PROFESSIONAL ONE FORCE" is turned on, a green blinking light indicates that enough electric current is available to illuminate an internal light bulb. This internal light bulb produces light that is used to create the invisible One Force. When the next switch labeled "RECHARGE / BATTERY POWER" is turned on, a green blinking light indicates the rechargeable battery is connected to the circuit. Therefore when these two switches are on, the battery is connected to illuminate the internal light bulb. Therefore during use of the Professional One Force, the green and yellow lights are both blinking. If the blinking lights stop blinking, then the batteries need to be recharged.


To recharge the batteries, it is important to first turn off the upper switch labeled "PROFESSIONAL ONE FORCE". If you do not turn off the upper switch, the voltage regulation electronics may be damaged because extremely high electric current flows to both batteries and internal light bulb at the same time. So after turning off the upper switch, turn on the other two switches. When the lowest switch labeled "AC ON" is turned on and the electric power cord is plugged into a 120 volt outlet, then the red and yellow blinking lights indicates that electric current is available to recharge the batteries. Even though both lights are blinking, the electric current will only go to recharge the batteries when the "RECHARGE / BATTERY POWER" switch is on.

For the first few hours, you will obtain about 1 hour of use from I hour of recharge time. Then the charging current decreases to prevent battery damage from overcharging. Therefore batteries cannot be damaged even if charged for many days. Maximum possible charging can be reached in about 72 hours and you can obtain about 14 hours of use.

When the batteries become discharged, you can temporarily operate the One Force on AC power until you can recharge the batteries. Regular use on AC power is not recommended due to the electromagnetic field (EMF) produced by the battery charger. To operate on AC power, it is important to turn off the "RECHARGE / BATTERY POWER" switch or damage to the voltage regulation electronics may result. Then turn on the "AC ON" switch and the "PROFESSIONAL ONE FORCE" switch. An easy rule to always remember to avoid problems is never have all three switches on at the same time.

Battery and Light Bulb Replacement

The rechargeable batteries will last a long time because they are rated at about 1000 recharge times. You can tell the time to replace batteries, when after recharging you only obtain a short time of use then need another recharging. The two batteries should be replaced with Radio Shack part number 23-140 which cost about $15 for two batteries. These batteries are high capacity Nickel Cadmium D cells. This popular type of battery has been in use for over 10 years.

You can tell its time to replace the internal light bulb, when the BULB REPLACEMENT light goes out. The BULB REPLACEMENT light is located on top of the white panel to the left of the hand print in the hole in the panel. It is normally a faint white light which in bright external lighting may be difficult to see. If this light is not on, then the One Force is not operating even though the switch lights are blinking. The Professional model comes with two extra bulbs. You can order more bulbs by calling Rayovac Corporation at 1-800-2377000 and order T1-2 bulbs which sell for about $3. No other brand of bulb is recommended.

Replacement Procedures

There are two tools located behind the panel in the lid, which are used to do the following procedure. To obtain access to the bulb and batteries, place the socket provided from tool compartment over the 4 shiny cap nuts on the white top panel. Turn the cap nuts counter clockwise to loosen and unscrew them. The top panel can now be carefully lifted up to expose the batteries and bulb locations. For battery replacement, first notice how the positive and negative poles of the batteries are placed in the battery holder, then remove and replace them in the exact same arrangement.

To replace the light bulb, find the round white and black housing with the red band around it. Hold the black end of the housing with two fingers and turn counterclockwise, and the housing will unscrew at the red band. Inside the housing will be a small bulb. As the bulb is very small, it is helpful to use a rubber band to hold on to it. Pull the bulb straight out. The socket will usually come out with the bulb. When you remove the bulb from the socket you will notice two small holes which accommodate the two fine wires which extend from the end of the bulb. Line up the new bulb and push it into the socket. Next line up the two metal contacts of the socket with the two metal contacts inside the housing and push gently into place. Now screw the housing back on carefully.

To replace the white top panel, use the special wire tool with a hook end, to move any bolts so they lineup with the four holes in the panel and pass through. It is easier to line up the two back bolts first, then the two front bolts last. Then replace the four shiny cap nuts and be careful to tighten only finger tight, Do not over tighten.

How To Use The Professional One Force

The Professional One Force should be used for at least 15 minutes.  No one can "overdose" its just a matter of providing sufficient time of use to achieve maximum benefits. Sensitive people usually feel a sense of completion, which is usually a good indicator. When using the Professional One Force, the person should not be talking to others. Also if the person is able to keep a meditative type of state they will receive more benefits. Because the effect is subtle on the spiritual level at first, people will generally feel the most in the last few minutes of use, after use or overnight. Some people have reported feeling inner changes happening for several days afterward.  For serious problems, a healing crisis often occurs in the 2nd or 3rd week of use, so your previous progress will stop.  Unless clients understand a healing crisis, they may stop use, so a good explanation of the healing crisis phenomena should be given.  Because every person has different problems, everyone's experience is also different.

To use the Professional One Force, place both hands on the metal hand print and try to cover as many holes as possible with your hands. According to previous instructions, turn on the two upper switches so the green and yellow lights are blinking; and also make sure the "BULB REPLACEMENT" light is on, and power cord is removed from the wall outlet. It is a good idea to use a timer as many people are surprised that 15 minutes passes so quickly.

For serious problems, a healing crisis may occur in the 2nd or 3rd week of use.  This creates a temporary illusion that your previous progress has stopped.  It is important to understand the healing crisis effect, as unaware people may discontinue use.  Whereas this is actually a turning point for the better, and shows a major overcoming of the negative.

For maximum benefits, the Professional One Force can be used once a day. Depending on personal preference, it could be used less often or even twice a day. Once a person is accustomed to the effects, it could be used for longer than 15 minutes but this is not recommended at first, as some people have very powerful transforming spiritual experience. With long term consistent use, you will experience a wide variety of benefits.

Full Two Year Warranty On The Professional One Force

The One Force has been designed with integrity to insure trouble free operation. Our warranty includes a 30 day no-risk 100% money-back guarantee for any reason. In addition, the One Force is warranted for two year from the date of purchase for any mechanical defects. The warranty does not include batteries or light bulbs as these are replaceable. The warranty also does not cover damage caused by not operating according to instructions. For service needs, please contact:

One Force Corporation   PO Box 4677   Virginia Beach, VA. 23454

Caution: The One Force has high tech and precision aligned components which are rigidly bonded into place and can not be viewed without destroying the unit. Therefore, any attempted disassembly, except for the replacement of bulb or batteries, will void all warranties, including the money-back guarantee.

We do not manufacture the case or combination lock, therefore we do not recommend use of this lock. You can use the combination lock by removing the red plastic deactivating wire and following an enclosed instruction sheet. But if you forget the combination you will not be able to open the case without damage to the locks. Because we are unable to repair them, we do not warrant the combination lock. We have included the manufacturers address for assistance.

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The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  The name "One Force" is a trademark, and Foreign and US patents pending.

30 day no-risk 100% money-back guarantee

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A FREE One Force may be provided to respected medical research centers whose published results would be accepted by physicians, psychiatrics or other medical professionals.  Medical research is sought because people have reported assistance with these problems: eye problems, pain relief (pain in joints, pain along spine, pain after surgery, chronic pain), tumors and cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, lung problems, digestive problems, difficult or rare skin rash problems, sinus problems, mental health problems (anxiety, depression, anger, sleeplessness, headaches, etc), chronic fatigue syndrome.

The name "One Force" is a trademark, and Foreign and US patents pending. The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.   The One Force operates exclusively on a spiritual level.  Research is in progress.  Website design by Robert Sanders.  Copyright 1999 One Force Corporation