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The following is a magazine article from a New England holistic health magazine.  The writer for the magazine interviewed several owners of One Force instruments.  The article also gives the research findings of Dr. Loyd. 
Fall 1999

Technology For The Spirit

by Patricia Baker
          Copyright 1999 Patricia Baker (Reprinted by permission)

Scientists and engineers are turning their attention to utilizing the forces of nature to stimulate the body's own resources for healing, longevity and better performance. The efficacy of nature is now proving itself in the laboratory, and our collective health stands to benefit from these innovative breakthroughs. Dr. Augustine Cheung of Celsion Corporation is using focused heat to destroy tumors and leave healthy cells intact. While working as an assistant professor at the University of Maryland at Baltimore, Cheung participated in studies which proved that cancer cells die at 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Cheung founded Celsion Corporation and is pursuing FDA approval for this non-invasive pain-free technology to treat breast cancer patients. Dr. Jerry Jacobson of Jacobson Resonance Enterprises is a leader in the field of bio-electro-magnetic resonance. The Jacobson resonator which creates a low-level magnetic field, is proving its ability to regenerate nerves, control pain, and regulate heartbeats, in recent studies at Cornell University.

While advances are made to enhance our physical health, new products are being developed to enhance our spirit as well. Homeopathic powders from Etherium and tinctures from Ascension Alchemy are claiming through bio-electric measurement and anecdotal reports to actually effect the quality of spiritual connection. One of the most interesting technologies which is gathering data both in the field and from research today, is the "One Force," invented by engineer, Don Danylyk. The One Force is a light-based technology that enhances the meditative state and is capable of prolonging the sense of peacefulness attained during meditation, hours, and in some cases, days, after people stop using the device. Meditators have used the device on various chakra centers and have reported a noticeably deeper meditation right away. Harry Ruis, an herbalist and iridologist, found the One Force to be very soothing and noticed a deeper, more refined experience in his meditations. Joe DiBlasi, a Reiki Master and Healing Touch Practitioner used the Professional One Force Unit and found the experience very intense. Joe says that the effects were profound and lasting. "It calmed my mind and expanded my consciousness," stated Joe, "I could literally feel it clearing out blockages and chi stagnation. It also helped me sleep better."

What makes this device even more interesting, are the claims that users are making about the One Force's ability to effect physical problems as well as calming the mind. Inventor Danylyk, himself a 30-year meditator, makes no claims of the One Force's ability to physically heal people. He is interested, however, in what One Force users are reporting, and has turned the information over to researcher and psychologist, Dr. Alex Loyd.

Dr. Loyd has a practice in Tennessee and became very interested in Danlyk's One Force technology. One of Dr. Loyd's patients had recently had a BodyScan completed, and the results showed her liver as the highest source of stress in her body. (The BodyScan technology by Colorado-based Phazx Corporation, provides a complete computer readout in 65 different categories which shows a person's source of imbalance and disease). "In all cases that I've seen," says Dr. Loyd, "anything that reads out as a top-five problem in the body, such as the liver in this woman, takes a minimum of three months of complete diet change, supplement addition, et al. to show any type of positive change. This woman did not change her diet, her intake of supplements, or anything else, when I used the One Force over her gall bladder and liver. I did this for three successive days for ten minutes and then had her repeat the BodyScan. What was really intriguing to see, was that the liver was no longer a top-five problem. It was now way down on the scale. This type of result is unheard of."

Dr. Loyd used the One Force himself, on an old, yet still painful groin and knee injury. "I had pain all the time," Dr. Loyd recounts. The only time I would be free of it was for a few hours after a chiropractic adjustment. When I used the One Force, the pain stopped immediately and didn't come back until the next day and it was only after I applied stress to the area through intense exercise. Dr. Loyd plans to do more controlled studies on applications of the One Force and is sure that it will find its place among the recent advances in treatment. "I don't know quite how this works, but I see that it's working, even on our most difficult patient." Dr. Loyd refers to another patient with "terminal" liver disease who has made tremendous physical, mental and emotional improvements over a three-week treatment period with the One Force.

Many other users of the One Force describe direct contact with what they describe as a powerful spiritual energy. Maria and Alison, two clients of One Force, both describe transcendental experiences while using the device. Maria, who was severely injured in an accident in Europe years ago, became Interested in natural foods and medicine as a way of becoming more actively involved in her own healing process. Maria described a powerful stream of consciousness experience. "It was as if the sentient part of me just came to life, and began a full communication through feelings and pictures." Alison describes encountering a white light, similar to what is described in an after-life experience, while using the One Force on her third eye area.


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