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Kirilian Aura Photographs
provides amazing proof.

The following Kirilian aura photographs were produced on 7-26-2000 by a unique machine developed after decades of Kirilian research in Russia and European countries.  This new machine was operated and interpreted by Dr. Alexander Linyuk.

Dr. Alexander Linyuk, a psychologist and Alternative Medicine Doctor, has participated in scientific research is exploring extraordinary human abilities since the middle of the '70s in Russia.  Over the last 25 years of his practice, Dr. Linyuk has helped thousands of people.  Dr. Linyuk currently operates the Bioenergy Center in Chicago  (847) 885-2032.

The most significant data output by this machine is aura symmetry, which is calculated by a computer attached to the machine.  A symmetry reading over 90 percent is normal.  Perfect symmetry is 100 percent, which is almost nonexistent.  A reading under 90 percent indicates some serious problems.  These problems are usually also physical.  The lowest reading is about 80 percent.

To test the Professional One Force we used a subject whose reading was 80 percent.  After a 15 minutes session with the Professional One Force, the symmetry reading was 98 percent!  Everyone there including Dr. Linyuk  was amazed at this improvement.

The before and after photographs are below:

Particularly notice the lower right leg and how the aura is almost absent in the before picture.  (This subject's right leg is actually shorter than the left leg, which requires a lift in the shoe to walk in a balanced away.  The machine is remarkably accurate.)

A base of the brain injury from an accident was also dramatically improved in this subject.  The after picture shows how the Professional One Force filled in and balanced the aura.


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A FREE One Force may be provided to respected medical research centers whose published results would be accepted by physicians, psychiatrics or other medical professionals.  Medical research is sought because people have reported assistance with these problems: eye problems, pain relief (pain in joints, pain along spine, pain after surgery, chronic pain), tumors and cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, lung problems, digestive problems, difficult or rare skin rash problems, sinus problems, mental health problems (anxiety, depression, anger, sleeplessness, headaches, etc), chronic fatigue syndrome.

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