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This One Force Invention brings Spiritual Power into your life for health, guidance, love and transformation.

One Force causes healing hands.  The healing energy of your hands will travel throughout the body to produce a spiritual healing.  This is a natural healing or pranic healing as caused by a spiritual energy.

What is the One Force invention?  Most people know that acupuncture balances the Chi energy in the meridians.  In a similar way, this invention affects all levels of being by an invisible spiritual energy which most people can actually feel working on their problems.  This invisible spiritual energy is established when light from a tiny light bulb interacts with high technology components in the invention.  The so-called technology, of how to produce this invisible spiritual energy, was given to an engineer by God in a mystical experience.  The engineer was told to place this instrument on the market.  The invention is not like anything else on the market and has  patents pending.  It does not use frequencies, magnets, electromagnetic fields, sound or lasers, but actually an invisible spiritual energy produces the wellness on all levels of being. Using the invention is one of the most powerful and healthy steps you can take to achieve total wellness on all levels of being.  The results are amazing and profound!

Alternative medicine practitioners report it is a true aide for spiritual healing and well being.  After extensive evaluations the Heritage Store now sells and offers sessions through their Holistic Center.  The Heritage is the largest holistic complex on the east coast with over 60 employees, and known world-wide for the manufacture of high-quality Edgar Cayce products.  This is a health store and they are into getting people healthy.  Also the BodyScan 2010 instrument made by Phazx Systems, Inc. shows remarkable improvements that far surpass Homeopathy.  Dr. Alexander Linyuk, a psychologist and scientific researcher for 25 years in extraordinary human abilities, has proven the amazing improvements through Kirilian aura photography.  People report relief from all types of problems, where many alternative methods failed. One Force instruments are owned by professionals such as psychologists, chiropractors and M.D.'s, and are also being used in two medical centers in Mexico.

Because the One Force invention is unlike anything else, almost everyone is skeptical at first.  We try to provide enough information, 50 testimonials, and a 100% money- back guarantee to reduce the skepticism enough to try it.  But from experience we know skepticism will not finally leave until someone tries it for themselves.  So we do travel to shows and our distributors offer free trials.

Clairvoyant psychics, who can see this invisible Universal One Force working, are always amazed at how beautifully and perfectly it works to transform and eliminate problems. Also the Universal One Force affects the Chi to produce more benefits than acupuncture without the acupuncture needles.

An amazing fact is that when the invention is turned on, about 90 percent of the people can feel the Universal One Force working. There is also a deep inner recognition that something very good is happening. We think you'll agree, if you take advantage of the opportunity to try the One Force invention for yourself, because we have over a 94% keep rate even with our 30 day no-risk 100% money back guarantee which you must admit is pretty good for anything.

The One Force has uses in many fields.

Some of these fields are: Spiritual Healing, Acupuncture, Spiritual Growth, Natural Healing, Thought Field Therapy, Stress Therapy, Complimentary Therapy, Holistic Health, Meditation, Therapeutic Touch, BodyScan 2010 , Relaxation Therapy,  Natural Vision Improvement, Stress Management, Pain Management, Personal Growth, Self Help, Alternative Medicine, Relaxation Therapy, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Ascension Alchemy, Intuition Improvement, Yoga, Ayurveda, New Age Spirituality, Reiki, Polarity Balancing, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Alternative Health, Biofeedback, Acupressure, other New Age methods and Alternative Therapy.

Insight into One Force Technology.

The One Force invention is a patent-pending technological breakthrough in the science of consciousness.  The One Force is made for improving various states of consciousness.  States of consciousness can be understood  by the qualities of the awareness. These qualities have some type of force responsible for the awareness.   In many religions, God is known to have three qualities.  Each religion assigns different names to these qualities but lets call them oneness, love, and holy spirit, which in the Christian religion would be father, son and holy spirit.   "Oneness" produces cooperation as it causes many separate parts to work together as a single unit.  For example the separate cells of the body can work together when "oneness" is present.  When "oneness' is absent , the cells lose the ability to work together cooperatively.

There is also a universal force called "will" that resides strongly in the throat area of people.  A person with a lot of "will power" manifests this force of consciousness.  The One Force activates the "oneness" aspect of God by combining "oneness" with the universal "will" force.  This combination creates another universal force which has the qualities of "oneness" and "will" and can be called the "will of God, the father".  "Oneness" is everywhere, just as God is everywhere.  "Oneness" is like a universal field.  But to manifest "oneness" there must be a combination with "will", or "oneness" stays inactive.  We call this combination the "Universal One Force".  The Universal One Force exists on a spiritual level so is invisible, but about 90% of the people can feel it.  The Universal One Force gives your spirit an amazing opportunity to make improvements within.  Since it acts on the fundamental spiritual level, it has the power to transform or release all negative attributes of a person that conflict with their spirit, and do so according to God's will. Because it acts according to God's will, there is never any side effects or negative experiences.  There is no limit to the improvements you can experience.

As you can see, the One Force inventions operate on new principles in the science of consciousness.  In many sciences, mathematics is the only way to explain how something works.  For example in Einstein's equation E=mc2, matter raised to the velocity of light squared equals energy.  To explain this simple equation, Einstein had to write a whole book.  The situation is the similar with how the One Force works.  The principles are mathematical and require a whole book to explain, as there is no background knowledge from a current field of consciousness research.  A book will be published in the future when society can use such information properly.  In addition to the pending patents, there are 6 other unrevealed processes that will be kept a secret until the book is published.





The One Force. A genuine achievement in energy medicine.

The Personal One Force's ultra-compact design allows you to take it with you everywhere. It runs on two AA batteries and is controlled by a single on-off switch.  

One Force Corporation has introduced the Professional One Force, a remarkable invention that affects the total body at once. The Professional model incorporates a fully featured battery recharging system while still staying true to a compact portable design with carrying handle. One Force Corporation dedicated many months to ensuring that the Professional model would produce transforming  experiences for the total body. The results are an invention that produces over 50 times as much of the invisible spiritual energy as the Personal model. Unlike the Personal model, the Professional model can affect the whole body at once through the hands. Also the Professional model allows you 14 hours of use from the built-in rechargeable batteries and charger, and simple operation with only three switches.

Enjoy these great benefits.

The Personal and Professional One Force offer you many benefits we're sure you'll appreciate. For example the One Force lets you release self-limiting thoughts and blocks, faulty perceptions, stress and repressed emotional memory and trauma; so you can experience greater bliss and happiness.

Use the One Force to experience accelerated spiritual evolution, spiritual healing and personal growth, so you can achieve spiritual fulfillment, ascension and illumination.

Use the One Force to journey into deeper states of consciousness in your meditations, and experience spiritual breakthroughs as you awaken your total potential, become centered and more fully alive.

Use the One Force to increase inner peace, joy, love, confidence and intuition, so you can move toward a life with a deeper connection to the Divine.

Use the Professional One Force in your office to enhance your own energy work or bodywork, and improve the body's natural healing potential. The amazing Professional One Force benefits produces tremendous word-of-mouth advertising and brings in clients for your other services. The Professional model has an amazing ability to release unwanted emotional states like fear, anger, depression and anxiety ...and replace them with the inner sense of calm and well-being ... all in 15 minutes!  No matter what kind of state you’re in, the One Force is sure to improve it. There are no limits to improvements that you can experience.

Testimonials. Now You can come to Harmony and Well being.

(1) "I am a writer and college teacher with numerous books in print. Since I began using the One Force the quality of my life has improved immeasurably. This includes the quality of my work, my spiritual growth, interpersonal relations, peace of mind, and my marriage. I do not know of any comparable product. It is the best investment I ever made

-Glen Jeansonne, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

(2) "I experienced a feeling of deep relaxation and serenity that I have only felt during meditation. I was also aware of energy movement in the form of a tingling feeling from my knees to my crown chalkra. It was definitely a wonderful and centering experience!"

-Debbie McConnell Whitley, Ontario, Canada

(3) "Immediate relaxed feeling as if to center you and began to quiet the chatter. There seems to be a lot of popping sounds as if to adjust parts of the body such as the throat and heart area.

-Trudy M., Virginia Beach, Va.

(4) "I was able to see a dark energy in difficult places of the body that needed to be cleansed, and while cleansing I was able to see where light replaced the black, dark color.  The light was like standing in the sun, feeling the light opening up and cleansing.

-Malia Lepley, Virginia Beach, Va.

(5) "Beginning with placement on 3rd eye area, and moving down thru other chalkras, I felt a lightning and opening of my whole body to a freer, more light, expansive, creative energy from spirit. It's as if the device penetrated layers of stress/confusion in my body - it's as if my reactive buildup was cleansed, and I am renewed."

-D.K., Worcester , Ma.

(6) "As my third eye opened, I felt the energies of people in the room that I’d been tuning out of my awareness. When I put it over my heart, I experienced a wonderful heart opening, that continued to move into the upper heart or soul seat area after I had moved the instrument to another place. Held on the sole of the foot, I felt energy coursing up through my legs and spine. I entered a blissful state. Later the presenter held it over my solar plexus, and I witnessed a powerful release of feelings, feeling my breath deepen and quicken, without experiencing any particular emotional state."

-Janis Bell, Ph.D., Columbus, Ohio

(7) "When I first used the Professional model I felt inner changes happening, then that evening I had a cosmic consciousness "white light" experience!  In this powerful experience there was a continuous instantaneous knowingness, without any thinking, about myself and life direction.  There was also an amazing feeling of being wrapped in a blanket of love."

-M. Ross, Virginia Beach, Va.

(8) " I just wanted to thank you for creating the One Force.  I've been using the personal One Force for about a month and have noticed a tremendous improvement in my ability to relax and meditate.  I feel more centered and grounded, an increased level of awareness, a greater connection to Spirit, and an overall sense of well-being.  It is also helped me to release certain fears that have been with me for long time and to replace them with Love.  The One Force is truly a wonderful tool for healing on all levels, and more often I use it the more lasting the effects seem to be.  I am so amazed by the results of the personal One Force that I am considering purchasing the professional model.  The One Force is something that everyone should experience.  Thank you,

(After purchasing the Professional model) "The Professional One Force is extraordinary.  It works much better than the personal model and more completely.  Changes occur much quicker.  It has helped me manifest peace, joy and confidence.  Since using the One Force I have become aware of a powerful light within me that is like a sunny day and seems to heal my entire being.

-Robert Sowalski, Pittsfield, Ma.

(9) "First an external feeling of vibration in the hands, then the vibration became internal.  The first physical effect was the relief of a severe headache.  The headaches I get our mild but constant, due to high blood pressure.  So any natural relief is noticeable immediately.  The feeling of internal vibration travels throughout my body relaxing me.  It's finally settled in my stomach area, left knee and right foot.  I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), torn cartilage, torn anterior circulate ligament and knee tendon in my left knee.  Upon entering the hall this afternoon I stepped down on my right foot and heard something "crunch", up until now I was having some pain in my right foot.  As I write this, I have no pain to speak of and a sense of peace and contentment."

-Patricia Kunlia, Fairborn, OH

(10) "Your machine is truly the most amazing thing I could ever hope for. I bought it to release negative energy and the following is what happened.  The first time I sat down to use it, after a few moments, I felt the energy go to the occipital at the base of my brain then around the sides of my neck, down my right arm and back up the side of my face, then cross over to my eyes and remain there.  Not thinking too much of it when my 15 minutes were up I walked outside and was suddenly struck by the beauty of the scenery surrounding my mountain home.    I felt so at one with the universe. 
     After a few more sessions with the machine I found that the black spot, which was part of the macular degeneration in my right eye, had disappeared. I could now see quite well but the distance vision in that eye remained distorted and still does three months later due to the following:  My daughter, who had suffered devastating migraine headaches for twenty five years found, upon visiting me, that a migraine in it's inception when she arrived had disappeared.    She simply couldn't believe such a miracle! (After using the machine.)  She was having these headaches at an increasing rate due to an ongoing court battle for custody of her child with accompanying attorney expense, business downturn, etc., that I had prayed intensely for something to help her because I knew she was close to breaking.  Well, your machine was the answer.
Due to the ongoing strain she has to use it daily but her voice and her mental attitude has changed so beautifully that I know she will be all right. It is her lifeline through this awful trouble, but the blessing I have prayed for. She no longer has migraines!  The machine now resides at her house, my eye holds steady and when the problems are over we know there will be more help from this amazing machine. I thank our Creator, you and all concerned for this wonderful thing you have brought to us!  I could write more because there has been more but space does not permit so thank you for the best of it!
With deepest gratitude,"

- Helen Nichiporuk, Valley Center, CA

(11) "This product will have you totally amazed at the special effects it has on your well being."

-Allen Broom, Portsmouth, Va.

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The emotional health component of One Force.

There is a direct connection between feelings and the health of the body.  The One Force can release emotional issues that have been stored in the body.  How we feel and think impacts our health.  The One Force is a way to begin taking control of your health, allowing you to experience a higher quality of life through transforming experiences.

People often create their own problems within, by creating a negative feeling due to reacting to a situation.  When negative feelings are held for a long period of time, they somehow become stored in some area of the body.  These stored negative feelings impair that area of the body.  These negative feelings influence our thinking, our attitudes, our perceptions of the world, and our health.  Disease exists for a re-evaluation of consciousness.

When the One Force affects an area of the body were these negative feelings are stored, the negative feelings begin to release and the area starts to return to normal functioning.  But during the process there is a battle between the One Force and the negative feeling, which can make you more aware of the negative feeling.  When finally overcome there is often an amazing feeling of relief and peace.  So you need the One Force to give you the ability to release negative feelings and the problems they create in your thinking, your attitudes, your perceptions of the world, and your health.

I heard a person say that the benefits gained from using the One Force was worth far more than having their new car, for which they pay $35,000.  Their thinking is that you can not take your car, your house, your money or any material possession to your next life after this life ends.  But you can take the good spiritual qualities you gain from using the One Force, such as peace and love.  Also all the negative things you lose, will not influence your next life. Otherwise the negative will still be there to affect you in your next life as it exists on a soul level. It makes sense to invest into something that gives spiritual benefits that you can really take into your next life.


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Satisfaction guaranteed.

Our guarantee is simple. If you don't agree that the results are remarkable, we will refund your entire purchase price when returned to us. Guaranteed.  Try it.  You'll like it.


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65 sold in 6 months, and 94% keep rate

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A video of people interviewed after using the Professional One Force at Old Dominion University's Symposium is available for $17 postpaid.

An audio tape is available of a very interesting speech given at Universal Light Expo 2000 in Columbus, Ohio on One Force experiences, uses of the One Force, and how it works.  Order from L&W Sound in Detroit at 1-877-827-3799 ask for Tape SA69 for $8.00.

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A FREE One Force may be provided to respected medical research centers whose published results would be accepted by physicians, psychiatrics or other medical professionals.  Medical research is sought because people have reported assistance with these problems: eye problems, pain relief (pain in joints, pain along spine, pain after surgery, chronic pain), tumors and cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, lung problems, digestive problems, difficult or rare skin rash problems, sinus problems, mental health problems (anxiety, depression, anger, sleeplessness, headaches, etc), chronic fatigue syndrome.

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